What we offer

Our people are dynamic, high level finance and business professionals, and our network enables us to provide you with experts in the following fields:

Finance Directors
Financial Planning Control
Strategic & Commercial Advice
Corporate Finance
Human Resources
Health and Safety
Business and Data Analysis

Profit & Cash Flow Improvement

Sales and profits are important for your business, but cash is king. Understanding the cashflow dynamics of the business – why and when cash flows in and out – is critical to ensuring that management teams are in control of the finances and not the other way round.

Creating an Effective Finance Function

Secantor provides a very different approach from using a high street accountant. We are strategically minded business experts and will help you to optimise the performance of your business by shifting the emphasis from an historical one to a forward looking one, providing analysis that informs true entrepreneurial decision making.

Business Planning & Forecasting

We are experts in planning and forecasting, which we believe is at the heart of continuous improvement. Forecasting cash and balance sheets ensure that your business has sufficient funding to execute its plans within financing facilities and covenants.

Management Information Dashboards

Good quality management information supports your business plan by providing analysis in areas critical to the plan, including feedback loops that allow for adjustment of every aspect of the business. Your Secantor business expert will work with you to identify the key performance indicators for your business and will build a process for regular, accurate and timely feedback for your management team.

Raising Finance

Accessing the right mix of finance can be critical to the success or failure of your business. We are experts in working with providers of finance and can help to make your business case have the best chance of success and achieve the most appropriate mix of finance.
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